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Trade deficit

You know what would help the US economy.. bring production back to the US. Can you do that simply by buying US when everything in Walmart is made in China? No, the first step is talk with your senators about completely eliminating our trade deficit. Trade deficit is a large contributer of debt aside from the entitlement programs.

A phone call is worth about 10 emails, a typed letter is worth about 1,000 phone calls, and a well crafted hand written letter has a damn good chance of being read personally by the senator.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m sick of China getting more than half the benefit of our tax money that was supposed to stimulate our economy. When a power plant in the US creates 200 jobs, but making the plant creates 2000 jobs in China.. that’s a huge problem.

Fact is politicians are wholly owned subsidiaries of trans-national corporations, and when these corporations base their production out of China, guess who gets our money.

Maybe I got it wrong, maybe I’m not seeing something here, but when I look at the labels on consumer goods and when I look at who pays who in Washington, those are the dots I’m connecting.. we need to become more isolationist, and to use a cliche phrase and name.. like George Washington wanted when we broke away from Europe. I think globalization has been bad for America.

To submit to you this example: Germany is very protectionist, they are isolationists. German auto manufactures buy German parts from German companies.. and that’s why they have the economic capital to bail out Greece. In the early 1900’s Japan kicked out GM from their country, and that allowed Toyota to have a monopoly in a niche market, and eventually break into a new market. They messed up recently but that’s aside from the point.

Am I missing something here?